Boise, Idaho

Pioneering the next evolution of television

Edge Networks is using ATSC 3.0 -- the world’s most efficient air interface -- to deliver a bundle of news, sports, local, cable and live TV channels with better picture quality at half the cost.

Higher-quality picture. Reliable programming. Affordable price.

Our Team

The founders of Edge Networks have been transforming the world’s wireless and media distribution infrastructure for over two decades. We helped develop many of the core technologies that dominate today’s cellular and broadband networks.

Todd Achilles – President and CEO

Todd has spent his career in product, engineering, marketing and sales roles within the tech and telecom sectors. As VP/GM for Consumer Mobility at Hewlett-Packard, he led the worldwide consumer mobility business unit as well as HP’s global connectivity initiatives. Todd joined HTC as employee #2 and led the Americas region, growing the smartphone leader to over a billion dollars in revenue. At T-Mobile, Todd led the product management team and was responsible for a $2 billion devices portfolio and 16 million mobile devices per year.  


Todd earned a bachelor’s degree from Claremont McKenna College, an MBA and MAIS from the University of Washington, and an MPA from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley where he also serves as a lecturer.

Larry Weissman – Chief Financial Officer

Larry is an investor, entrepreneur and executive who has owned, operated and sold various media and digital media properties, including radio stations, television stations, TV production, film distribution and ad-supported voice-on-demand properties. He is the former chair of the Finance Committee and financial adviser to CirraScale, a manufacturer of enterprise systems for deep learning and specialty computing. 


Larry focuses on implementing strategies to quickly achieve positive cash flow and maximize value when selling companies to private buyers and publicly traded companies. Previously, he was a partner at Cahn Capital Corp., where he was responsible for raising capital for early-stage and middle-market companies. He has an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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